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The Town

The Corfu Centre Is regarded as one o Greece’s greatest treasures. It is a living example of Byzantine and Venetian art and culture that will utterly captivate you with both its small alleys and its location that provide a wide, almost panoramic, view of the island’s beauties.


The Campiello

This is the most magical district of the Old Town of Corfu, filled with narrow alleyways, tall shuttered houses and carved wells. Most of the buildings have maintained their old Venetian architecture. All over the district can be found traditional restaurants where you will be happy to taste some of the local delicacies of Corfu.

Spianada Square

It is the biggest Square in Greece. In fact it is the biggest square in Balkan Peninsula. Besides its reputation, Spianada Square stands out for its remarkable beauty while at the same time someone can admire the Venetian architecture of the Town from the spot known as the “Pentofanaro”.



A marvelous green islet full of high cypresses and a wide variety of rare plants-one could say that the islet itself is a plant-museum. According to the legend, Pontikonisi was the boat of Odysseus that brought him to Ancient Corfu.

You can visit it any day you want and every 6th of August there is a celebration of the islet’s church that is dedicated to the Tranfiguration of Christ (Metamorhosis tou Sotiros).

Achilleion Palace

It is built in the village called “Gasturi” by the Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sissy. The Empress herself named the palace after Achilles, the legendary Iliad hero, whom she utterly admired.

A marvelous garden of palm, exotic and perennial trees lies outside the palace along with archaic-type statues. On the inside visitors are able to admire some fine murals.



One of the most significant Byzantine castles in Greece. The almost vertical slopes of “Kastelion” and “Rikila” are about 200m high. The castle played a strategic role to the island’s protection due to its key spot.

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