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Terms and Conditions

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  1. Definitions

For the convenience of policyholders and to avoid unnecessary repetition, the terms and conditions for the use of the services provided through the specific website, as follows, contain the following concepts:

Where it says:

“Service” means the transportation of the customer(s) from the pre-arranged meeting point to the pre-agreed destination.

“Provider” (usual Service) means the counterparty provider of the services of this website whose details can be found on the home page of the website.

“Vehicle” means the taxi, mini-coach, mini-van or other pre-agreed with the passenger means of performing the service by the driver on behalf of the service provider.

“driver” means the person authorized by the service provider or the service provider himself.

“passenger” means the user(s) of the service provided through this website and contracted(s) with the provider in accordance with these terms and conditions.

“predetermined meeting point” means the address at which the passenger/user of the services has indicated when purchasing the service that he wishes the driver to wait for him.

“destination” means the address to which the passenger/user of the services has indicated when purchasing the service that he wishes to be taken by the driver.

“fee” means the pre-agreed price that the passenger is obliged to pay to the provider for the service purchased through this website.

  1. Acceptance of contract terms

If you wish to use the provider’s services as described on this website, you agree, agree and unreservedly accept these terms and conditions. You declare your consent to the above by checking the icon next to the phrase “I agree to the use of the Service provided under the following terms and conditions”.

If you are not the end user of the services provided through this website, the purchase of the service on behalf of a third party also binds the third party in whose name and on whose behalf you are considered to be participating with the provider, and for any difference that may arise you are both jointly and severally liable and whole.

Any modification of the terms herein shall be evidenced in writing by agreement between the provider and the passenger(s), to the exclusion of any other means.

  1. Website usage

By using the service provided through this website, a contract for the provision of transportation services is entered into between the provider and the passenger/s, which is governed by these terms and conditions. For any issue that arises and is not specifically mentioned in these terms and conditions, the general provisions of the Greek Civil Code apply as is.

By purchasing the service, you represent that you are at least 18 years old and have legal capacity.

The data you declare on this website when purchasing the service is processed by the provider to the extent necessary to ensure the smooth execution of the service, within the framework set by the law (GDPR).

This website uses “cookies” necessary for its proper functioning and no personal information other than necessary is stored on the provider’s server.

You retain the option to block the use of cookies, in which case the website may not function properly.

  1. Service

The provider provides the service either in person, or through third-party drivers, who possess all the qualifications and licenses required by law to provide their work.

The vehicles used to provide the service are indicated on the website and the provider reserves the right, in case of inability for any reason, to replace the vehicle shown on the website and chosen by the passenger with another of similar specifications, ensuring that the quality of the vehicle, the cost to the passenger(s) as well as their safety.

To provide the service, the provider may use privately owned or leased vehicles. The provider may entrust the performance of the service purchased by the passenger entirely to third parties, in which case the first party is jointly and severally liable with the third party towards the passenger for any violation of the terms herein.

The passenger chooses the vehicle, the predetermined meeting point, the meeting time, the destination as well as the eventual transfer from the point of arrival to the point of initial departure in the case of a return trip.

The passenger must ensure when purchasing the service that the vehicle he chooses is suitable for the number of passengers as well as for the transportation of the luggage they bring with them. In the event that the passengers include persons who need help/special care for their transport (indicative children/elderly), the passenger must inform when purchasing the service by paying any additional costs.In the event that an additional/different vehicle is required due to excess passengers/luggage or additional equipment that was not requested at the time of booking, the provider reserves the right to refuse the service in whole or in part, deducting a reasonable amount from the total fee paid. The passenger must inform the provider in good time and in any case at least 48 hours before the performance of the service, of any change in the above information.

In the event that the predetermined meeting point is the airport, the provider will make every effort to inform himself of the new arrival time in the event of a flight delay.

  1. Fare

Depending on the service chosen by the passenger, at the time of purchase of the service, he is required to pay the corresponding fare. In the case of payment of the fee by debit/credit or other type of bank card, the fee is immediately credited and any kind of cost of using the card is borne exclusively by the passenger. In the event that the passenger chooses to pay the fare in cash, upon receiving it from the driver at the point of arrival, he must pay the full fare by receiving the corresponding receipt.

Cancellation of a reservation before the agreed itinerary is only possible through the website platform, is confirmed by the provider sending the passenger an automated email and incurs a cancellation penalty as follows:

If the cancellation is notified up to seven days before the scheduled itinerary, the entire price paid will be refunded, excluding the possible expenses for the above transaction (cost of card use/e banking indicatively).

If the cancellation is notified from six to two days before the scheduled itinerary, half (50%) of the price paid will be refunded, minus the possible expenses for the above transaction (cost of using a card/e banking indicatively).

If the cancellation is notified within the last 48 hours before the scheduled itinerary, 1/4 (25%) of the price paid will be refunded, minus the possible expenses for the above transaction (cost of using a card/e banking indicatively).

In the event that after the passenger has purchased the service there are changes to the planned route, such as indicatively additional stops, a change of destination or a change in the number of passengers, and these are notified in time, the additional fare is paid to the driver before the execution of the route.

  1. Other terms

The provider is not responsible for any damage that occurs to passengers’ luggage and is due to faulty preparation by the passengers. Passengers must inform the driver of any fragile or valuable items they wish to transport with the vehicle in order to ensure their integrity as much as possible. However, the provider does not control the contents of passengers’ luggage and assumes no responsibility in the event that their contents are damaged/stolen or otherwise lost during the journey.In case the passenger wishes to transport items that are not permitted by law, either because of their status or because of their nature, the driver reserves the right to refuse the transport and the execution of the itinerary, in this case the fare is withheld in the whole. Passengers must behave decently during the journey, keep the vehicle clean, not be intoxicated, not under the influence of drugs and in any case behave decently. In case of violation of the above instructions, the driver reserves the right to refuse the execution of the route and in this case the fare is withheld in full.

Tax law

For any dispute that may arise between the passengers and the provider, it is agreed that the Courts of Greece and especially of the prefecture of Corfu are exclusively competent.